A Complete and Comprehensive Review of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

review of jacob hillers jumpmanual

Jump Manual is an online training guide created by Jacob Hiller to help ambitious sportspersons and athletes to add a minimum of 10+ inch to their vertical jumping height, over the course of three months. It is a set of workouts backed by years of scientific research of the creator and his team of professional trainers, as well as a complete and thorough explanation of the core components which are essential for the increased vertical leap. However, there is numerous other jump training guide available in the current market which offers the same aptitude, and some go beyond that, claiming instant inch gain. So the big question is, how does Jump Manual stand-out from the rest? Can the title of it being the best and consistent result-oriented jump training guide, justified? This review aims to find out the answers!

Jump Manual in a Nutshell

Handball games like basketball and volleyball require a fair amount of high jump to score winning points. So does various Olympic sports. While some players can jump fairly high without any external guidance due to their height advantage, most of them have to undergo vigorous exercise routines to maintain a consistent straight up leap height. Unfortunately, the training methods followed by most of the jump training guides adhere strictly to strength training, which is only ONE aspect of vertical leap drill. Furthermore, they lack the completely logical and scientific reasoning for their workout methods to back their claims. On the other hand, Jump Manual targets all the nine components essential for jump training, which are thoroughly researched, applied and re-applied by the creator and his team of professionals to give a foolproof result. It also helps that Jacob Hiller, the man behind Jump Manual, is an ex-basketball player himself with over 15 years of experience in the field as a professional trainer. It is quite right to assume that his reasoning has a rational backing to its prerogative as being a result-oriented workout manual aiming to help players gain the desirable inch to their vertical leap.

How is Jump Manual Different From Other Workout Guides?

As mentioned before, Jump Manual emphasizes the minute details which makes up the foundation of vertical leap training. It does focus on strength training but doesn’t limit itself to it. The method which is opted by Jump Manual is known as Plyometrics, which are, fundamentally,  exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing speed and strength. While other workouts motivate to increase just strength, Jump Manual intends to improve all the nine variables, namely, strength, quickness, muscle recruitment, form, nutrition, flexibility, balance, body composition and hereditary factors. The uniqueness of Jump Manual stems from the fact that it not only describes the ‘physical aspects of jumping’ but also the importance of diet and rest and how they affect vertical leap training.

The Workout Process of Jump Manual

The workout process is the major selling point of Jump Manual. It has plyometric exercises, stretches, strength exercises, and various drills to draw out the full potential of quickness and vertical explosive leap in a user. How to do these exercises is also provided in the Jump Manual, along with warm-up exercises preceding them. The exercises are separate sets and have a 14-day repeat cycle. When a user follows the routine regularly, he or she can get results within the first 14 days. The exercises are interesting as the same cycle does not get repeated. Though some of the workouts need weights, most of them do not need any type of equipment. One wouldn’t need any gym membership to use Jump Manual either. Jump Manual, being an intensive workout program, should be continued religiously, or else the desired effects cannot be achieved. 

A Quick Recall – The Pros and Cons of the Program

The various benefits of Jump Manual includes;

  • A result-oriented program which shows the visible result when a user follows the workout routine with strict discipline.
  • Simple to understand language for a considerate read-through.
  • In-depth focus on the nutrition factor, without which any exercise falls short.
  • Priority on weight-loss exercises, which essentially means that gym membership is not an absolute requirement.
  • The user can opt for a one-on-one training session with Jacob Hiller or his team of professional trainers, within the first 30 days of purchasing the product.
  •  A 60-day money back option is available for users who are not satisfied with the software and are not finding any viable result.

The drawbacks of this program are minimal, but, it does exist. Those are;

  • It is a lengthy program and is not advisable for users looking for overnight quick-fixes.
  • The program is only available online, and the access to the workout page is through its membership zone, making the process repetitive.
  • The Jump Manual is a high-intensity workout program, which makes it unsafe for users with mild to severe heart conditions.

The Final Word

If someone is looking for a vertical leap training guide which is result-oriented and will help them gain 10+ inches to their vertical leap, Jump Manual is their solution. Buy yours today at www.jumpmanual.com and achieve your sports-star dream!

jump manual new version

Jump Manual – The Vertical leap Training Program You Should Get

Playing professional level basketball is a dream many want to achieve. However, while some are born with natural talents of jumping high and dunking efficiently, others have to work hard to get the desired vertical leap height, mandatory for a good player. Naturally, amateur and professional players alike look for a training program which can help them get the preferred vertical leap gain. Their quest ends at Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller, the ultimate vertical leap training program which helps players gain a minimum of 10 inch plus jumping height within 12 weeks.

Investing in any jump program without proper knowledge can be a setback. While there are many training programs currently available in the market which promise increased vertical leap height training, the rate of delivery can differ from program to program. Some of these programs promise an instant increase in the jumping height, which, more often than not, turn out to be false claims. Thus, professional players vouch for Jump Manual, a program which is available in the market since 2008 and still retains the title of being the number one training guide for the escalated vertical leap height.

What is Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is an online training program created by Jacob Hiller to help aspiring basketball players and athletes add a 10 inch plus height to their vertical leaps. It is a thorough workout routine, backed by countless research and scientific theories on the principle of vertical leaps. Jump Manual is considered as one of the best training manuals in the market because it not only offers workout routine and exercise chart, but also a proper and detailed nutrition chart to ensure that the user gets a complete growth structure.  While most training manual focuses on the two core components of jump practice, Jump Manual makes it a point to target all the nine variables which are invaluable for strength and speed, the cornerstone of jump training. It is also the only training manual which does not require heavy machines or dedicated gym memberships to follow the workout routine. Though the program is a bit time consuming, considering the time-span a user would need to complete it is three months, Jacob Hiller also provided quick-fixes for users with a fast-track 14-day schedule, which can help the user add four inches to their jumping height. It can be said that the Jump Manual is the complete solution for those who are passionate about basketball, or any sports which involves vertical leaps and want to increase their ability through hard work and dedication.

The Reason for Jump Manual to be the Training Material one Should Get

One might wonder the reason behind the Jump Manual’s huge success when it comes to training program to increase vertical leap height. The answer is quite simple. The man behind Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller, has put years of research and tested scientific theory to create the ultimate training program. It is true that there are many programs in the market aiming for similar results, yet none can vouch that the process they follow are equally effective or that there is any scientific backing. Jacob, being an ex-NBA player himself, understands the working, theories, and other variables on an intimate level and he strived to return to his successors the same knowledge regarding vertical leap training. It is no secret that the process is a well thought out one. He has covered the nine variables in details and the chapters are systematically divided for the users’ easy navigation. Jump Manual is a combination of workout routine, videos, dietary charts, and recorded accomplishments to help the user attain the desirable explosive vertical leap height in a span of three months.

The Improvement Zone – Does It Really Work?

Now comes the big question, does the Jump Manual really help a user add ten plus inches to their vertical leaping height? The answer is, yes it does, when one follows the program with a strict discipline. It is a time consuming process, and one should not expect overnight results. Patience is required when following The Jump Manual. When done the right way, a user can see results after two weeks. It is perhaps the only jump training manual which offers a 60-day money back guarantee if a user is not satisfied with the product, validating the claim that Jump Manual is a result-oriented training program.

The Man Behind The Program, Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller is a certified personal trainer, validated by American Council on Exercise. He has 15 years of experience as a professional coach to numerous NBA players and Olympic athletes. Besides Jump Manual, he also appears in ESPN and several other sports channels to discuss basketball and offer pro-tips. Jump Manual is the result of his expertise in the field of vertical leap training.

If your dream is to join the league of exceptional basketball players and you are seeking a training material to increase your vertical leaping height, Buy Jump Manual today! Visit us at www.jumpmanual.com.

The Jump Manual Program – Will Your Vertical leap Increase?

will the jump height increase

An athlete requires proper guidance, discipline, and thorough scientific technique to refine the skill set in their respective sports. The Jump Manual complied and created by basketball coach Jacob Hiller offers just that and trains the player to achieve maximum height while making a vertical leap. For the last one decade, the Jump Manual has been one of the most widely used basketball coaching programs in the market. The program helps the players add maximum height to their vertical leap following well researched and proven scientific approach.

As a result of being in the market for almost ten years, the program has built a strong online presence and has been praised widely by the players who enrolled in the program.  The consumers of this program are mainly amateur and professional basketball players who are looking to increase the height of their vertical leap. The general opinion states that one can get positive results if they follow the Jump Manual approach to the core.

Add inches to your vertical leap with The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual introduced in 2007 focusses mainly on basketball vertical leap training. The much popular training program has been created, developed, and complied by Jacob Hiller and trains a player to increase the height of their vertical leap, while trying to make a dunk. The approach Jump Manual uses, has been previously been used by Hiller to train a number of athletes and basketball players.

If the player enrolls in the Jump Manual program follows the training approach thoroughly, he/she will be able to add at least three to four inches to their vertical leap. Moreover, this progress can be made within a span of a week to ten days.  According to Hiller, if the player finishes the program completely without deviating in between, he/she will be able to increase the reach of their vertical leap steadily. It is even possible to gain as much as 42 inches for the vertical leap, if one follows the training to the core.

The Jump Manual: does it deliver results?

The Jump Manual as a whole trains a player to make a higher vertical leap and look into the strength and durability of one’s body. The professional training manual can be considered an “all in one” set, as it not only tells the player how to add height to their vertical leap but also helps them achieve the desired body control and swiftness, while playing.

The Jump Manual training program comes in the form of a software which one can run on their computer or laptop to learn about the various methods and technique of the game. Apart from focusing on the improvement of the vertical leap, the professional training program also assists the player reap optimum results from their workout routine. The program also contains a comprehensive workout chart, which assists the players monitor their exercise routine and achieve positive results.

To ensure that the players exercise in a proper pattern, following the correct methodology, Hiller has also included a number of workout videos in the training program, for reference.  The training videos work as a visual reference which provides a thorough demo as to how each and every exercise and stretch should be carried out.

Jump Manual goes an extra mile as it also provides its patrons with a workout specific nutrition plan.  The diet plan includes meticulous directives on the kind of food one has to consume to improve their body strength, natural resistance to injuries, and reach the natural muscle development mode. Apart from the training sessions of the Jump Manual, the program also allows the players to participate in one-on-one personal training via emails.

The players can solve their queries and doubts, which arise during the training sessions over emails, personally. The general consensus assures that the consumers will receive detailed answers to their queries which will help them to improve their training. The personalized engagement also helps the players work on their confidence and enhance their overall vertical leap.

Jacob Hiller creates a sound scientific technique to help players improve their vertical leap

This outstanding vertical leap program was developed by renowned basketball coach Jacob Hiller. The popular coach has previously worked with NBA athletes as well as Olympic sportspersons. Hiller, who specializes in the field of vertical leap, had conducted thorough research before penning down a proven scientific approach to improve the skill set. The coach comes with 15 years of experience and has been certified as a personal trainer by the American Council of Exercise.

Apart from his many accreditations, Hiller’s methods are credible and authentic, devoid of false promises and expectations.  Thus, one can be assured that they won’t be falling into any trap when they enroll in the Jump Manual program.  So, if you are serious about improving your vertical leap, buy the Jump Manual immediately, without much delay.

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The Pros and Cons Of The Jump Manual Program

pros and cons of The Jump Manual programJump Manual is very famous in the athletic circle as the ultimate vertical jump training program. The testimonial of past users and the buy-rate per day speak for its popularity. This article is about the Pros and Cons of the highest selling workout program, which especially helps aspiring basketball players attain the vertical jumping height they do not have naturally.

What Is Jump Manual?  A Short Introduction

Jump Manual is an extensive workout-based training program which focuses on increasing the vertical jumping height of players especially in the field of basketball and volleyball. The mastermind behind this efficient training program is Jacob Hiller, an ACE-certified physical trainer who is a former basketball player with 15 years worth of experience. He observed the ins and out of vertical jump training in regards to the game of basketball for many years, and scientifically approached the topic with thousands of research work to create the ultimate jump training guide.

Jump Manual contains videos and a carefully laid out workout routine, which helps players add 10 inches to their vertical jumping height in a span of three months. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the program and decide whether the title of the best jump training program in the world is justifiable or not.

Pros of the Program

  1. Jump Manual – Process Which Shows Visible Results

The reason why Jump Manual is widely accepted as the best training program for athletes who want to increase their vertical jumping height is that when followed diligently, the program produces visible results. The time-span of the entire program lasts for 60 days and 10 days for repeat exercises. If a user follows workouts and dietary tips given in the Jump Manual in a disciplined way, he or she can start seeing the results in just two weeks! Many training guides fail to produce any viable results. The resulting visibility of the Jump Manual is a big plus-point for the training program in gaining the trust of its users.

  1. All 9 Variables Are Discussed In-Depth

While other jump training programs cover one or two variables of vertical leap training, Jumping Manual provides in-depth analysis regarding the nine most important variables of jump training for a user’s better understanding of the program. The variables, strength, quickness, muscle recruitment, form, nutrition, flexibility, balance, body composition, and hereditary factors are all given equal thought out attention and covered with precision for an extremely efficient jump training guide.

  1. Section Wise Division Of Topics For A Clear Understanding

Jump Manual is very clean and organized in its presentation. One does not need to fumble about trying to locate useful information. Their need and requirement were understood by the team behind the program and they compartmentalized every section so that when a user wants information regarding flexibility, he or she does not end up reading about hereditary factors. Even the workouts are planned out in details in the 8th chapter.

  1. Nutrition Requirement Explained

Any type of workout is incomplete without the correct dietary plan to supplement the program and provide the fuel to workout without a hitch. Many athletes fail to understand the necessity of proper and balanced diet. Sadly, even some jump training manuals avoid the topic. Jump Manual doesn’t believe in such actions and has a customized section which explains in detail the importance of proper nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet to complement the workout routine.

  1. No Gym Membership Required

Most of the jump training guide available on the internet focus on exercises which require equipment normally available in the gymnasium. This factor renders the training guide inadequate since most people cannot regularly maintain a regular gym membership. Thankfully, Jump Manual is heavily based on equipment-free training and hence, the users do not require any gym membership to follow the program. They do need some weights for minor workouts, but nothing heavy enough to make them seek gym membership.

  1. 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

Even after such promising aspects, if one is not satisfied with the training program, they can claim money back within 60-days. This ensures the genuineness of the program and builds a relationship of trust between the product and customer.

Cons Of The Program

Nothing is perfect, and sadly so is the Jump Manual. With so much positive reasons to consider the training program as the best in the world, there are some drawbacks which do put a dent in their reputation.

  • Only Available Online

As awesome as Jump Manual is, the most annoying aspect of it is that one cannot simply download the manual, even after purchasing it. No PDF, EPub, or any type of document format is available for the program. The user has to repeatedly access the information and workout routine from the membership page. This makes the training guide a hassle to follow regularly.

  • Not An Overnight Miracle Solution

Jump Manual is only effective if the user is following the routine religiously. Gaining 10 inches to jumping height is not easy, but some programs like Vert-Shock offers instant solutions which give it an edge with users looking for an instant solution. One must have a lot of patience to see visible results.

After the in-depth analyzation, it can be easily said that despite some drawbacks, Jump Manual is the number 1 best selling training program in the world.

jump manual new version

Visit www.jumpmanual.com and get your dream vertical jumping height today!

Buy the Jump Manual: Improve Your Jumping Distance

There are a lot of benefits to improving your jumping distance once you buy Jump Manual. For the most part, you’re going to be improving your jumping capacity for basketball, but there are there other sports where jumping is of great use.

For example, if you’re a parkour fan, where you need a lot of flexibility, and the ability to jump heights, then really boosting your distance will be of help for you. Parkour running is an often adopted sport by youth, especially those who are interested in the type of activity that is unrestrained by rules and regulations of a field (basketball).

With parkour running, you’re not simply doing a morning job. You’re doing high speed runs across natural obstacle urban courses, which requires quite a swift reaction time on your part. Vertical jumping not only add more power to your running, but it allows you to cross those obstacles without endangering yourself.

After all, you could risk falling off a jump, or straining your ankle in a failed run and jump process.

In general, boosting your jump height is a supposed to strengthen your lower limb power. This is vital in any sport that requires intensive usage of lower limbs in general. When we speak of basketball though, we do so because this is a sport where improving your jump directly impacts dunking performance.

We’ll talk about that later.











Improving your Lower Limb Power for Martial Arts and Football.

But you’ve got other sports, like football, or even martial arts such as judo or summon. Lower limb power in the case of football is necessary for a blasting run speed, while having enough muscle control to maneuver the ball, and control your own speed.

You then have a martial arts sport like judo, where lower limb strength is a basis for standing stability. In judo, standing firm on your feet is a requirement to even remotely succeed beyond the first belt grade.

The same also applies to many martial arts, where lower limbs are necessary to stand while exhausted. We can take another example, such as the sport of boxing. There, while legs aren’t used as a weapon of attack, falling off your feet from a punch is a knockout. If you cannot stay standing, you cannot be effective in such a sport.

We could mentioned a lot more sports, such as swimming, where limbs are needed for water kicking and moving forward. But we’d like to focus more on what sports directly require jump training.

Back to Basketball.

Going back to basketball though, when you do choose to buy the jump manual, you’re really improving yourself in a crucial area of the game. Dunking is where this skill will come handy for the most part. If you have issues jumping up fast enough and dunking a ball, then you should buy jump manual to help you out.

You can also use the jumping techniques written here to learn dunk blocking. This is a skill that is as vital as dunking itself, yet it is often ignored from individual training regimens. The reason for that is because it requires a partner to help you out.

After all, you’re blocking “someone else’s dunk”…

The skills you’ll learn from the jump manual pro as useful. They’ll truly turn you into a pro of dunking and dunk blocks with enough practice.

Enough is the key here…

The Jump Manual Pro Doesn’t Promise Instant Results.

You’ll need practice to develop the appropriate jumping skills through this jump manual pro, and this is exactly what you’ll get here. The manual provides a series of exercises to help you develop across a multi-week basis, slowly conditioning your body to jump higher, and faster.

Yes, in addition to height, you get speed. Speed is really key in high-intensity cardio games, and is often neglected in jump programs. If you watch an amateur jump, often you’ll see them preparing for the jump by bending down like a spring load.

That’s just too much of a time waste when playing basketball. The ball’s going to get robbed from you in such instances. It’s also completely impractical in parkour, where a lot of your jump momentum comes from your running speed.

Thus, you’re forced to develop the ability to jump with a very fast reaction time. You’re honing your speed and mobility through this manual, which is a core requirement for the extra jump height to be of any worth.














A Proper Eating System Will Be Needed Too.

With jumping exercises for your lower limbs, you’re intensely conditioning your muscles to provide a highly efficient output. You’ll need a proper dieting system that you can use to help make your limbs stronger.

It’s a self-evident fact, but the reason we mention it is because a lot of people ignore the diet aspect of improving their jump heights. Don’t just assume that because you have the workout, then you can do what you deem fit in terms of a horrible diet.

You want a fast recovery speed after workouts for more training, don’t you?

Properly Training with the Jump Manual.

The jump manual pdf that you will receive contains a comprehensive training guide that provides you with image illustrations on the exercises that will improve your lower limb power. A lot of the exercises required from jump training tend to be plyometric in nature, and therefore will place some strain on the muscles.

So Why Not Download Buy Jump Manual Now?

The jump manual download button is below, and it’s something you won’t regret. Really, the jump manual download benefits any athletic endeavor you choose to take up in your life for the future.

As we implied earlier, you’ll receive a jump manual pdf file for the download. Written in addition to graphical illustration should be present to explain the exercises in detail. Considering that you’ll be receiving a jump manual pdf, this is a guide that you’ll be able to carry around anywhere, in case there are multiple locations where you prefer to do the exercises.

So what are you waiting for? Download the jump manual and get going!

 Click Here To See Jump Manual New Version

What Makes Jump Manual the Best Vertical Jump Training Guide in the World?

With virtually everything going digital, the sphere of sports training and coaching is not lagging behind. One of the leading valuable basketball and volleyball coaching guidelines is jump manual. This digital resource for NBA athletes and sports persons is just perfect to gather comprehensive information on the game along with tips for increasing vertical leaps, workout sessions and nutrition. Players can access videos and digital coaching manuals. But what makes it so effective is that both novice and experienced players can raise the bar and improve their performance for the big stage? Here are a few reasons for its popularity.

Why Jump Manual is the Best Vertical Jump Training Guide:

  • Latest cutting-edge coaching tips and strategies

The tips, guidelines, and tactics to improve vertical jumps are constantly updated and upgraded with jump manual program. This means players can always avail the latest information on the rules and regulations of the game along with tips on dunking the ball efficiently in the basket.

  • Easy guidelines to follow

The best part or aspect of jump manual is that the coaching guidelines are easy to follow. It comprises plyometrics and simple weightlifting exercises which are easy to understand for improving the height of the vertical jumps.

  • Instructional videos provided one step at a time

Training and tips in the entire program are given slowly and stage by stage which helps the players immensely when it comes to learning comprehensively and preventing injuries.

  • Nutritional tips are also provided

Many sport training programs fall short because they have some lacunae in them. They fail to offer in-depth coaching, and therefore jump manual scores an edge because it offers exhaustive guidance and that includes customizable nutrition plans too. Players are given tips on what to eat and what to avoid to maintain their fitness, stamina, flexibility, and balance to give their best performance in tough competitions.

  • Brings quick and guaranteed results

By following this coaching manual, basketball and volleyball players can increase the height of their vertical leaps by 10 inches. According to the jump manual review by the professional players, the results of the program is guaranteed and improvement in performance is assured in 12 weeks.

  • The program is scientific

The program is designed on technical lines to benefit the players. They can be more precise in their jumping approaches and develop confidence.

  • Improves strength and stamina in the body

The leg muscles get stronger, movements become faster, and the body develops more endurance with this coaching manual. It prepares the body completely to jump higher. Experts also say everything positive in their jump manual review and believe that it is one of the best programs in the field of sports.

To sum up, Jump Manual has all the ingredients to exceed the expectations of the players. It is ideal to hone and enrich the skills of both novice and professional athletes.