Review on the second best Online Training Guide, The Vert Shock program, after 8 weeks of workout.

Aspire to become a lead basketball player but lack the ability to dunk? Increase your vertical leap with this training workout plan that will guide you to choose the less hard ways while working out. The ability to jump high is the most required skill, especially in Basketball. A high jumping skill is something everyone desires for. Lots of workout programs are there in the market both online and offline but the preferred ones are the Jump Manual and the Vert Shock. 

Today this review on Vert Shock will focus on the less exhausting exercises to intensify your vertical leap.

Vert Shock, a solution to increase my jumping potential?

Due to short height, as compared to other people, trainees had to come to a solution which could somehow match the Jump Manual training program and after months of research, they finally came across a particular training module that actually worked, the Vert Shock training program by Adam Folker.


The Vert Shock program in brief             

Professionals, Adam Folker and Justin Darlington made this program guarantying a 10-inch increase in a span of 8 weeks or guaranteed to get back the money. Jump Manual is the best option but there few trainees have limitations. If you think you have nothing to lose, then give it a try.

Folker and Justin's combined years of experience created this program to let others increase their jumping capability. The Vert Shock training guide is simple and effective in all forms. But, the user must schedule his 8 weeks without fail. The entire module does contain rest days, apart from the training days in which each workout session lasts for 1 hour. Also, the training exercises avoid much use of heavy weightlifting and repetitive jumping, and as the main exercise method, the Vert Shock inculcates Plyometric Exercise.

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The procedure of the Vert Shock            

The 2-month training module is segmented into three divisions.

1. Pre-Shock phase: this is the first week of the training program. It literally shocks you up. This phase lasts for 6 days in a week and on day 4, you rest. In this new training week, a gain of 3-5 inches is possible in your vertical leap.

2. Shock phase: the 2nd and the 7th week comprise of the Shock phase. Here, each week around 4-6 workouts are scheduled and each workout consists of strength exercises for the legs and core, certain jump exercises and severe plyometric exercises. All the exercises are listed down one by one in a chart to follow easily.

3. Post-Shock phase: this phase comes in week 8 in which there are six very strenuous workout sessions having only one day of rest. This lets the muscles get ingrain in the body so that the jumping capability comes naturally to the body.


Result after 8 weeks of The Vert Shock Program

On completion of 8 weeks of strict workout session, I noticed a gain of 12 inches to my vertical leap which was really impressive. This increment in my jump boosted my morale and made my game much better. One of the good thing about the Vert Shock like the Jump Manual is that if you wish to extend the program and ask Adam Folker for his guidance, then he himself will plan the workout session for you stressing on parts having maximum efficacy.


The for and against of Vert Shock respectively

1. As the Jump Manual, the Vert Shock promises to raise your vertical leap at the said time. It's just that Jump Manual gives you a prolonged outcome whereas Vert Shock shows a speedy rise.

2. Both Jump Manual and Vert Shock are created by professional players and so their authenticity cannot be questioned at any cost.

3. The Vert Shock, unlike other jump training manuals, avoids the use of heavyweights and gym equipment. Hence, it's less expensive even.

4. The Vert Shock manual is designed in a PDF format that needs to be downloaded, similar to the Jump Manual. The workout videos, training methods, diet charts are also explained step by step. Members can even share their queries, experiences, and reviews in the discussion section.

1. It is no miracle, to gain something good, you will have to work hard. Everything is available as a guide, but unless you yourself do not make it a point to train every day, results will not show as you expect.

2. Just because this training program is a short duration schedule, users tend to add more exercises to it or even increase the repetitions of jumping.



Reviewing all aspects, I would recommend Vert Shock to every basketball player to increase his vertical lift so that his rebounding and defense improves and also his overall performance boosts up. But, yes, Vert Shock is recommended only to those who have no access to the gym or have difficulty in weightlifting. All you need is just a basketball. In general, the ideal option would always be Jump Manual.

Although both the training guides are somewhat the same, there are few differences between The Jump Manual and Vert Shock. You can read our blog post on the comparison between The Jump Manual and The Vert Shock.

On one hand, the Jump Manual undoubtedly promises a long-time increase in your jump and on the other, the Vert Shock also stimulates your vertical leap to a certain level in a shorter period. To make it simpler, an old age man bearing injuries, the Jump Manual is an ideal choice for him as the system is more constant and more secure, whereas, a person below 25 years of age, having no history of any knee or back injury must go for Vert Shock. It will stun your entire body and will give quick results at the earliest.

Choose your best option today and start improving your dunk ability!

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