Review on the online training guide, The Jump Manual to improve Vertical Jump Height by its honest user.

One cannot attain brilliance in Basketball by just having a knack to play the sport. To make yourself noticeable in the game, the ability to dunk is one of the striking skills required. It makes you an expert in attacking the rim, gives huge blocks and helps to get rebounds. Even an inch of progress in vertical jumping skill can lead to a huge difference in performance in events like Basketball, Volleyball and high Jump in Athletics.

To no surprise, there are numerous reviews given online by users on vertical leap training programs guaranteeing an incredible increase in your leap. Unsatisfied with all, made the trainee write a Jump Manual review taking Jacob Hiller’s The Jump Manual into consideration.

The birth of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

Indeed, jumping ability is a gift by birth for an individual, but specific core training methods develop dynamic strength of the associated muscle group of the lower body with coordination, agility, and ability with timing to perform repeated sequential acts continuously as required in sports like Basketball.

Jacob Hiller, a certified athletic trainer like other basketball players, too aspired to jump higher and hence carried out all the possible exercises such as the Air Alert Program, Stair Running, and Ankle Weights, but failed. Thus, with his years of knowledge and experience along with scientific research on athletic training, he began experimenting himself and various exercises taken together eventually increased his vertical jump to a 45- inch height.

This laid to the birth of THE JUMP MANUAL.

What is The JUMP MANUAL?

This attempt of reviewing the mentioned program in no way mocks the other workout training solutions but there is nothing wrong in being opinionated about the programs that have been carried out and the results which have been achieved. At the other end, the trainee must also receive accurate information about the training programs.

Being a basketball freak, the trainee had to increase his jump height to reach the rim of the basket and so, after working on every possibility, came across the Jump Manual program and decided to work this out.

The Jump Manual is basically a book consisting of warm-ups, proper diet chart, and different leap training exercises. A go through of it will make you understand how the Jump Manual works and the reasons as to why they are being done, whereas, other training programs just list out the various exercises required.

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The Ease, Difficulties and the Aftermath of the Jump Manual

The exercises given in the manual are strenuous and only an apt technique will make execution done in a proper way. The best option is to workout with the consult of a trainer or else any wrong posture will result in a ligament tear in your knee or can even hurt your back, thus, leading to bed rest for at least a week or so. Thus, the Jump Manual is a user-friendly program especially for the expert weightlifters as this program will prove to be advantageous by producing jump specific workouts in a short span.

During the first few weeks, you are motivated to work-out the training program rigorously but the question lies whether you will be able to continue until the end. Discipline is what is needed throughout the 12 weeks of the schedule. The procedure states that 2 weeks cycle is to be repeated every 12 weeks and then take a break for a certain time period.

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The Jump Manual, a good choice for you?

As the Jump Manual inculcates heavyweight lifting exercises, it's therefore recommended for two- foot jumpers even though their jump is slower compared to single leg jumpers, but they overcome this lack by bending deeper and using their strength to the core. Aaron Gordon is a bright example of this.

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At the end of the day, if you achieve what you desire for, then all the hard work pays off! 12 weeks of training in a proper way results in an 8 to 10-inches increase in the vertical jump.  Since 10 years, the popularity of Jump Manual has reached such great heights that it has almost sold 100,000 copies and is still in demand. There are many successful feedback stories available online.


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