A Complete and Comprehensive Review of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

review of jacob hillers jumpmanual

Jump Manual is an online training guide created by Jacob Hiller to help ambitious sportspersons and athletes to add a minimum of 10+ inch to their vertical jumping height, over the course of three months. It is a set of workouts backed by years of scientific research of the creator and his team of professional trainers, as well as a complete and thorough explanation of the core components which are essential for the increased vertical leap. However, there is numerous other jump training guide available in the current market which offers the same aptitude, and some go beyond that, claiming instant inch gain. So the big question is, how does Jump Manual stand-out from the rest? Can the title of it being the best and consistent result-oriented jump training guide, justified? This review aims to find out the answers!

Jump Manual in a Nutshell

Handball games like basketball and volleyball require a fair amount of high jump to score winning points. So does various Olympic sports. While some players can jump fairly high without any external guidance due to their height advantage, most of them have to undergo vigorous exercise routines to maintain a consistent straight up leap height. Unfortunately, the training methods followed by most of the jump training guides adhere strictly to strength training, which is only ONE aspect of vertical leap drill. Furthermore, they lack the completely logical and scientific reasoning for their workout methods to back their claims. On the other hand, Jump Manual targets all the nine components essential for jump training, which are thoroughly researched, applied and re-applied by the creator and his team of professionals to give a foolproof result. It also helps that Jacob Hiller, the man behind Jump Manual, is an ex-basketball player himself with over 15 years of experience in the field as a professional trainer. It is quite right to assume that his reasoning has a rational backing to its prerogative as being a result-oriented workout manual aiming to help players gain the desirable inch to their vertical leap.

How is Jump Manual Different From Other Workout Guides?

As mentioned before, Jump Manual emphasizes the minute details which makes up the foundation of vertical leap training. It does focus on strength training but doesn’t limit itself to it. The method which is opted by Jump Manual is known as Plyometrics, which are, fundamentally,  exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing speed and strength. While other workouts motivate to increase just strength, Jump Manual intends to improve all the nine variables, namely, strength, quickness, muscle recruitment, form, nutrition, flexibility, balance, body composition and hereditary factors. The uniqueness of Jump Manual stems from the fact that it not only describes the ‘physical aspects of jumping’ but also the importance of diet and rest and how they affect vertical leap training.

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The Workout Process of Jump Manual

The workout process is the major selling point of Jump Manual. It has plyometric exercises, stretches, strength exercises, and various drills to draw out the full potential of quickness and vertical explosive leap in a user. How to do these exercises is also provided in the Jump Manual, along with warm-up exercises preceding them. The exercises are separate sets and have a 14-day repeat cycle. When a user follows the routine regularly, he or she can get results within the first 14 days. The exercises are interesting as the same cycle does not get repeated. Though some of the workouts need weights, most of them do not need any type of equipment. One wouldn't need any gym membership to use Jump Manual either. Jump Manual, being an intensive workout program, should be continued religiously, or else the desired effects cannot be achieved. 

A Quick Recall – The Pros and Cons of the Program

The various benefits of Jump Manual includes;

  • A result-oriented program which shows the visible result when a user follows the workout routine with strict discipline.
  • Simple to understand language for a considerate read-through.
  • In-depth focus on the nutrition factor, without which any exercise falls short.
  • Priority on weight-loss exercises, which essentially means that gym membership is not an absolute requirement.
  • The user can opt for a one-on-one training session with Jacob Hiller or his team of professional trainers, within the first 30 days of purchasing the product.
  •  A 60-day money back option is available for users who are not satisfied with the software and are not finding any viable result.

The drawbacks of this program are minimal, but, it does exist. Those are;

  • It is a lengthy program and is not advisable for users looking for overnight quick-fixes.
  • The program is only available online, and the access to the workout page is through its membership zone, making the process repetitive.
  • The Jump Manual is a high-intensity workout program, which makes it unsafe for users with mild to severe heart conditions.

The Final Word

If someone is looking for a vertical leap training guide which is result-oriented and will help them gain 10+ inches to their vertical leap, Jump Manual is their solution.

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