Jump Manual – The Vertical leap Training Program You Should Get

Playing professional level basketball is a dream many want to achieve. However, while some are born with natural talents of jumping high and dunking efficiently, others have to work hard to get the desired vertical leap height, mandatory for a good player. Naturally, amateur and professional players alike look for a training program which can help them get the preferred vertical leap gain. Their quest ends at Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller, the ultimate vertical leap training program which helps players gain a minimum of 10 inch plus jumping height within 12 weeks.

Investing in any jump program without proper knowledge can be a setback. While there are many training programs currently available in the market which promise increased vertical leap height training, the rate of delivery can differ from program to program. Some of these programs promise an instant increase in the jumping height, which, more often than not, turn out to be false claims. Thus, professional players vouch for Jump Manual, a program which is available in the market since 2008 and still retains the title of being the number one training guide for the escalated vertical leap height.

Read in this article what an honest trainee has to say about the use of the Jump Manual in increasing the vertical jump height.

What is Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is an online training program created by Jacob Hiller to help aspiring basketball players and athletes add a 10 inch plus height to their vertical leaps. It is a thorough workout routine, backed by countless research and scientific theories on the principle of vertical leaps. Jump Manual is considered as one of the best training manuals in the market because it not only offers workout routine and exercise chart, but also a proper and detailed nutrition chart to ensure that the user gets a complete growth structure.  While most training manual focuses on the two core components of jump practice, Jump Manual makes it a point to target all the nine variables which are invaluable for strength and speed, the cornerstone of jump training. It is also the only training manual which does not require heavy machines or dedicated gym memberships to follow the workout routine. Though the program is a bit time consuming, considering the time-span a user would need to complete it is three months, Jacob Hiller also provided quick-fixes for users with a fast-track 14-day schedule, which can help the user add four inches to their jumping height. It can be said that the Jump Manual is the complete solution for those who are passionate about basketball, or any sports which involves vertical leaps and want to increase their ability through hard work and dedication.

The Reason for Jump Manual to be the Training Material one Should Get

One might wonder the reason behind the Jump Manual's huge success when it comes to training program to increase vertical leap height. The answer is quite simple. The man behind Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller, has put years of research and tested scientific theory to create the ultimate training program. It is true that there are many programs in the market aiming for similar results, yet none can vouch that the process they follow are equally effective or that there is any scientific backing. Jacob, being an ex-NBA player himself, understands the working, theories, and other variables on an intimate level and he strived to return to his successors the same knowledge regarding vertical leap training. It is no secret that the process is a well thought out one. He has covered the nine variables in details and the chapters are systematically divided for the users' easy navigation. Jump Manual is a combination of workout routine, videos, dietary charts, and recorded accomplishments to help the user attain the desirable explosive vertical leap height in a span of three months.

The Improvement Zone – Does It Really Work?

Now comes the big question, does the Jump Manual really help a user add ten plus inches to their vertical leaping height? The answer is, yes it does, when one follows the program with a strict discipline. It is a time consuming process, and one should not expect overnight results. Patience is required when following The Jump Manual. When done the right way, a user can see results after two weeks. It is perhaps the only jump training manual which offers a 60-day money back guarantee if a user is not satisfied with the product, validating the claim that Jump Manual is a result-oriented training program.

The Man Behind The Program, Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller is a certified personal trainer, validated by American Council on Exercise. He has 15 years of experience as a professional coach to numerous NBA players and Olympic athletes. Besides Jump Manual, he also appears in ESPN and several other sports channels to discuss basketball and offer pro-tips. Jump Manual is the result of his expertise in the field of vertical leap training.

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