How To Increase Vertical Jump By At Least 12-Inches


increase vertical jump
increase vertical jump
increase vertical jump[/caption]


With the best training methods you can enhance vertical jump performance considerably.

While it might hold true that genetics plays a significant function in an individual's ability for peak power, the reality is that

Very few of your rivals or group mates will train specifically to enhance vertical jump power.

So with a little commitment it is possible to out jump the majority of your peers!

Is there a single finest method to increase your vertical jump capability?

This post will give you 3 kinds of strength training programs to enhance vertical jump performance.

Each technique has actually been shown to substantially increase vertical jump ability and each has its own benefits. Decide for yourself which program best matches your needs.

Increase Vertical Jump Power With Standard Weightlifting

This method incorporates workouts such as squats, lunges, leg presses and toe raises. Heavy loads (80-90 % 1-RM) and a low number of repetitions (4-6) are utilized to enhance optimum stamina.


Discover the super tips on how to increase the vertical jump height in another article. Follow them and achieve your desired height soon.

Why is this approach a reliable way to increase vertical jump ability?

The concept physical fitness component of vertical jumping is power. Power is a combination of strength and speed (Power = Strength x Speed).

A weightlifting program that enhances your optimum stamina can enhance you power and boost vertical jump capability. Here's the key though.

As a professional athlete improves and is able to raise more weight, the speed of motion reductions and so does power output. For skilled strength training professional athletes wishing to enhance their vertical jump, conventional weight training is the least advantageous of the 3 approaches.

For newbies to stamina training, traditional weight training workouts supply a safe, easily accessible and extremely efficient method to increase vertical jump power.

Increase Vertical Jump With Dynamic Weightlifting

An example of a vibrant weightlifting exercise is the jump squat. Lighter loads (30 % 1-RM) are used and the resistance is sped up explosively through the complete range of movement.
Olympic lifts like power cleans up, clean and jerk and the take are all dynamic weightlifting exercises. To perform these movements effectively a good deal of speed is needed. As the athlete improves and raises more weight, the element of speed is not influenced. The result?
Improvements in dynamic weight training relate directly to improvements in power and boost vertical jump capability. The difficulty is that lots of dynamic weight training skills are complex and need experience, coaching and appropriate centers.

Boost Vertical Jump Power With Plyometric Training

Plyometrics is the most typically utilized training approach to increase vertical jump power. It "bridges the gap in between stamina and speed". For more information on this type of training see the plyometrics article.
There is little to separate the three training approaches when it comes enhancing vertical jump performance. Nevertheless, there is one type of training that appears to increase vertical jump the most.

Combining weight training with plyometric training.

Research studies are showing that a plyometric program that runs along side a weightlifting program produces maximum outcomes
A training program to increase vertical jump efficiency ought to not focus purely on the advancement of your leg power. It has actually been revealed that the arms contribute approximately 10 % to takeoff velocity throughout a jump!
To summarize  exactly what is the very best way to enhance vertical jump efficiency?

  • If you are brand-new to strength training a basic weightlifting program will certainly increase vertical jump power securely and effectively (see below for information).
  • If you currently do some stamina training and are promoted time, add some dynamic weightlifting exercises to your regimen (see below).
  • If you have the time and dedication, combine a weight training program with a plyometric training program for maximum results.

What does plyometric mean? Find out more on how plyometric exercise helps you achieve vertical jump height in this article.

Program # 1 – Weightlifting

If you do not have an extensive background in weightlifting, this kind of program is the most convenient and best to follow. It will certainly produce simply as reliable outcomes for beginners as any other type of vertical jump program.
Perform this routine 2-3 times a week with a minimum of 2 Days rest in between sessions. Utilize the heaviest weight possible that permits you to perform the preferred number of repetitions.

Program # 2 – Dynamic Weight Training

If you are presently stamina training add these exercises to your regimen. Make use of a weight for each exercise that relates to 30 % of your 1-RM.
Do not perform these workouts alone– make certain a certified professional is with you at all times. You should also have experience of performing these exercises and a good stamina base before completing this program.
Start with 2 sets of 8 repetitions and gradually increase as much as 4 sets of 8 repetitions over an 8 week period.

Squat jumps

In an upright position and holding 2 dumbbells at your sides, squat down slowly until your knees are flexed not to best angles. Jump explosively without locking the knees. Objective to jump about 10-20cm.

Power cleans

Power cleans are quite a complicated movement to perform correctly. Make certain you get correct direction on strategy and start utilizing light weights. A description with photos is coming quickly.

Push presses

you can likewise get a detailed description of this exercise at the website discussed above

Bench press tosses

using a Smith device set bench so that it is 4-6 inches from your chest. Starting with the arms extended gradually lower bench to your chest and perform an explosive bench press launching the bar as your arms extend. Catch bench and slowly lower it to repeat the workout.