Review on the online training guide, The Jump Manual to improve Vertical Jump Height by its honest user.

One cannot attain brilliance in Basketball by just having a knack to play the sport. To make yourself noticeable in the game, the ability to dunk is one of the striking skills required. It makes you an expert in attacking the rim, gives huge blocks and helps to get rebounds. Even an inch of progress in vertical jumping skill can lead to a huge difference in performance in events like Basketball, Volleyball and high Jump in Athletics.

To no surprise, there are numerous reviews given online by users on vertical leap training programs guaranteeing an incredible increase in your leap. Unsatisfied with all, made the trainee write a Jump Manual review taking Jacob Hiller’s The Jump Manual into consideration.

The birth of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

Indeed, jumping ability is a gift by birth for an individual, but specific core training methods develop dynamic strength of the associated muscle group of the lower body with coordination, agility, and ability with timing to perform repeated sequential acts continuously as required in sports like Basketball.

Jacob Hiller, a certified athletic trainer like other basketball players, too aspired to jump higher and hence carried out all the possible exercises such as the Air Alert Program, Stair Running, and Ankle Weights, but failed. Thus, with his years of knowledge and experience along with scientific research on athletic training, he began experimenting himself and various exercises taken together eventually increased his vertical jump to a 45- inch height.

This laid to the birth of THE JUMP MANUAL.

What is The JUMP MANUAL?

This attempt of reviewing the mentioned program in no way mocks the other workout training solutions but there is nothing wrong in being opinionated about the programs that have been carried out and the results which have been achieved. At the other end, the trainee must also receive accurate information about the training programs.

Being a basketball freak, the trainee had to increase his jump height to reach the rim of the basket and so, after working on every possibility, came across the Jump Manual program and decided to work this out.

The Jump Manual is basically a book consisting of warm-ups, proper diet chart, and different leap training exercises. A go through of it will make you understand how the Jump Manual works and the reasons as to why they are being done, whereas, other training programs just list out the various exercises required.

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The Ease, Difficulties and the Aftermath of the Jump Manual

The exercises given in the manual are strenuous and only an apt technique will make execution done in a proper way. The best option is to workout with the consult of a trainer or else any wrong posture will result in a ligament tear in your knee or can even hurt your back, thus, leading to bed rest for at least a week or so. Thus, the Jump Manual is a user-friendly program especially for the expert weightlifters as this program will prove to be advantageous by producing jump specific workouts in a short span.

During the first few weeks, you are motivated to work-out the training program rigorously but the question lies whether you will be able to continue until the end. Discipline is what is needed throughout the 12 weeks of the schedule. The procedure states that 2 weeks cycle is to be repeated every 12 weeks and then take a break for a certain time period.

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The Jump Manual, a good choice for you?

As the Jump Manual inculcates heavyweight lifting exercises, it's therefore recommended for two- foot jumpers even though their jump is slower compared to single leg jumpers, but they overcome this lack by bending deeper and using their strength to the core. Aaron Gordon is a bright example of this.

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At the end of the day, if you achieve what you desire for, then all the hard work pays off! 12 weeks of training in a proper way results in an 8 to 10-inches increase in the vertical jump.  Since 10 years, the popularity of Jump Manual has reached such great heights that it has almost sold 100,000 copies and is still in demand. There are many successful feedback stories available online.


jump manual for vertical leap

Training Hard but Still Not Getting the Vertical Leap You Desire? Get the Right Solution

It is every athlete’s dream to perfect their game to become a star player in their chosen field. If your chosen sport is the game of basketball, your priority is to be able to jump and dunk the ball swiftly and smoothly. To achieve that angle, it is important that your vertical leap is up to the point. Unfortunately, as easy as it sounds, many aspiring players flounder when it comes to vertical leap. Following a hardcore exercise routine is not always the solution. The reason is simple. It is not always about working hard, sometimes it is about working smart. For all you know, the exercise routine you are following is making your muscles bulkier, since it aims to increase muscle mass. What you need is the right approach to increase vertical leap, which is a balance between exercise and diet. The perfect solution to your exercise dilemma is Jump Manual, the ultimate vertical leap training guide created by Jacob Hiller.

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The What and why of Jump Manual

As stated previously, Jump Manual is a training program created by Jacob Hiller to help aspiring athletes gain their desired vertical leap. It is a 12 chapter online program which details out exercises, diet charts, and professional and fellow-user help when required. The reason Jump Manual is the most used training program around the world is that it is backed by scientific research and years of on-field training put together behind every workout routine. Jacob Hiller himself is a professional ex-basketball player and ACE accredited physical trainer who has numerous famous athletes and Olympic stars under his training belt. His name gives the credibility to the program which others lack.

Jump Manual, The Program Explained in Brief

In this program, Jacob Hiller talks about the right approach to increase vertical leap. As opposed to the general idea of increasing strength when it comes to exercises, he stresses the importance of strength exercise coupled with quick reflexes, which results in dynamic speed and agility. He also states that only exercises are half the work done when one wants to gain an exponential vertical leap. It is equally vital to follow a balanced diet chart to provide the body the fuel it needs to sustain the changes. All the categories are divided into sections for easy understanding. Jump Manual takes a multi-faceted approach to a thorough development. It focuses on the 9 components of vertical leap equally. The 9 variables explained in Jump Manual are,

  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Muscle Recruitment
  • Form
  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Body Composition
  • Hereditary Factors

Jump Manual, Bonus Features

Jump Manual comes with a host of bonus features, which gives it an edge over other jump training manuals.

  • It has a special section with an interview with famous NBA shooting coach, David Hopla. In the interview, Hopla explains the system and techniques he uses while training NBA players.
  • The second bonus feature of Jump Manual is that it showcases an interview with peak performance psychologists, Dr. Patrick Cohn. Dr. Cohn is well-aware of the obstacles that athletes face on a daily basis while exercising, and he helps them out by revealing his system so that athletes can get in the ‘zone’. The interview also advises coaches and parents regarding how they can best help their charge develop into a fine athlete.
  • The program allows the user a 60-day time period where they can interact directly with Jacob Hiller or his team for expert guidance. They can also communicate with fellow users for a profound approach to the program.


Jump Manual is a complete guide and training program which solves your issue with exercises that are still not being able to get you the desired vertical leap. Buy your copy today and get the vertical leap of your dreams!

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Can You Really Gain 10-Inches Or More Vertical Jumping Height with The Jump Manual?

In the world of sports, the ability to jump a decent vertical height determines your success in a game. If you are one of those who has a natural flair for perfection when it comes to vertical jumps, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones! But what happens when you belong to the group, where despite your 100 percent efforts, the proper techniques and a flawless vertical leap is out of your reach? In scenarios like this, people often opt to follow a training manual which helps them with this problem. There are many jump training guides available in the market, which promises vertical leap growth, both online and offline. Some of them are good, rest, not so much. One of those training programs is Jump Manual. Created by Jacob Hiller, Jump Manual promises a vertical leap increase of 10-inches or more if followed regularly. Now, the question is, does it really help?  To put simply, the answer is yes. It takes us to the more intriguing question, how? Let us explore the detailed reasons.

The Jump Manual claims to be the best online training program to raise your jump height. Read the article to agree or disagree the statement.

Scientific Approach To Every Exercise in The Jump Manual

Jump Manual came to the market in 2008 and has enjoyed the title of being the number 1 jump training program for several consecutive years. It has been pitted against training manuals like Vert Shock and STACK training programs, and it has always emerged victorious as the best help for aspiring athletes. One of the main reasons behind Jump Manual's success is the years of research and scientific approach to every exercise put together. It has no shortcuts to height gain and explains why one should do the exercises in details. Other training programs offer none these things, hence decreasing their credibility in the long run.

The Right Tactic To Exercises

For most, gaining muscles is equal to gaining superior vertical leap height. Half of the training manuals available in the market stresses heavily on gym-dependent exercises. Jump Manual completely debunks the notion. It is common knowledge that vertical leap training requires explosive strength, not muscular ones. Your goal is to become a star basketball player, not a club bouncer. Working out to improve the muscle strength is the right approach, bulking up on muscles is not. Most jump training manual misses the mark completely when it comes to this simple difference. Jump Manual provides the right guidance for strength training.  

Exercises To Maximize Quickness, Speed, and Explosive Strength

The three pillars of vertical jump training are quickness, speed, and explosive strength. By following Jump Manual, you will notice that as the three vitals improve, so does your vertical jump. A regimented routine helps you keep your focus on, and in turn improves your agility. Coupled with speed, it results in explosive strength, the primary need to help improve your jumping height. Some manuals, like Vert Shock, relies on short bursts of explosive strength exercises. It may give temporary positive results, but is harmful to your overall training in the long run. Jump Manuals helps you reach your goal at a relatively slower pace, but the result is consistent.

The Fuel for Your Training Engine, The Right Diet

No training guide offers a meticulously prepared dietary chart other than Jump Manual. Simply exercising won't help, you need to continuously supplement your routine with the right kind of nutrition to absolutely make sure your body doesn’t burn under then strain of it. Jump Manual has a separate section to describe the role of a proper diet in training regime, and goes a step further to carefully construct a dietary chart to help your body get all the right nutrients. Gaining a 10-inches vertical jump growth is not an easy feat, and to achieve it, you need to supply your body with the energy it requires.

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The Last Words

Jacob Hiller, the man who created Jump Manual, has made sure that it is possible to gain 10-inches or more vertical jumping height by following the exercises the program offers. His credibility lies in the fact that he is an ex-basketball player and an accredited physical trainer for many NBA players and Olympic athletes. Jump Manual can help you gain 10+ inches of vertical leap height is a given, and the method is simple too. All you need to do is follow the program in a disciplined way, and you can see an increase in your vertical leap in just 14 days.

Buy the Jump Manual today, visit and experience the difference.

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A Complete and Comprehensive Review of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

review of jacob hillers jumpmanual

Jump Manual is an online training guide created by Jacob Hiller to help ambitious sportspersons and athletes to add a minimum of 10+ inch to their vertical jumping height, over the course of three months. It is a set of workouts backed by years of scientific research of the creator and his team of professional trainers, as well as a complete and thorough explanation of the core components which are essential for the increased vertical leap. However, there is numerous other jump training guide available in the current market which offers the same aptitude, and some go beyond that, claiming instant inch gain. So the big question is, how does Jump Manual stand-out from the rest? Can the title of it being the best and consistent result-oriented jump training guide, justified? This review aims to find out the answers!

Jump Manual in a Nutshell

Handball games like basketball and volleyball require a fair amount of high jump to score winning points. So does various Olympic sports. While some players can jump fairly high without any external guidance due to their height advantage, most of them have to undergo vigorous exercise routines to maintain a consistent straight up leap height. Unfortunately, the training methods followed by most of the jump training guides adhere strictly to strength training, which is only ONE aspect of vertical leap drill. Furthermore, they lack the completely logical and scientific reasoning for their workout methods to back their claims. On the other hand, Jump Manual targets all the nine components essential for jump training, which are thoroughly researched, applied and re-applied by the creator and his team of professionals to give a foolproof result. It also helps that Jacob Hiller, the man behind Jump Manual, is an ex-basketball player himself with over 15 years of experience in the field as a professional trainer. It is quite right to assume that his reasoning has a rational backing to its prerogative as being a result-oriented workout manual aiming to help players gain the desirable inch to their vertical leap.

How is Jump Manual Different From Other Workout Guides?

As mentioned before, Jump Manual emphasizes the minute details which makes up the foundation of vertical leap training. It does focus on strength training but doesn’t limit itself to it. The method which is opted by Jump Manual is known as Plyometrics, which are, fundamentally,  exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing speed and strength. While other workouts motivate to increase just strength, Jump Manual intends to improve all the nine variables, namely, strength, quickness, muscle recruitment, form, nutrition, flexibility, balance, body composition and hereditary factors. The uniqueness of Jump Manual stems from the fact that it not only describes the ‘physical aspects of jumping’ but also the importance of diet and rest and how they affect vertical leap training.

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The Workout Process of Jump Manual

The workout process is the major selling point of Jump Manual. It has plyometric exercises, stretches, strength exercises, and various drills to draw out the full potential of quickness and vertical explosive leap in a user. How to do these exercises is also provided in the Jump Manual, along with warm-up exercises preceding them. The exercises are separate sets and have a 14-day repeat cycle. When a user follows the routine regularly, he or she can get results within the first 14 days. The exercises are interesting as the same cycle does not get repeated. Though some of the workouts need weights, most of them do not need any type of equipment. One wouldn't need any gym membership to use Jump Manual either. Jump Manual, being an intensive workout program, should be continued religiously, or else the desired effects cannot be achieved. 

A Quick Recall – The Pros and Cons of the Program

The various benefits of Jump Manual includes;

  • A result-oriented program which shows the visible result when a user follows the workout routine with strict discipline.
  • Simple to understand language for a considerate read-through.
  • In-depth focus on the nutrition factor, without which any exercise falls short.
  • Priority on weight-loss exercises, which essentially means that gym membership is not an absolute requirement.
  • The user can opt for a one-on-one training session with Jacob Hiller or his team of professional trainers, within the first 30 days of purchasing the product.
  •  A 60-day money back option is available for users who are not satisfied with the software and are not finding any viable result.

The drawbacks of this program are minimal, but, it does exist. Those are;

  • It is a lengthy program and is not advisable for users looking for overnight quick-fixes.
  • The program is only available online, and the access to the workout page is through its membership zone, making the process repetitive.
  • The Jump Manual is a high-intensity workout program, which makes it unsafe for users with mild to severe heart conditions.

The Final Word

If someone is looking for a vertical leap training guide which is result-oriented and will help them gain 10+ inches to their vertical leap, Jump Manual is their solution.

Make the right decision by choosing the suitable jump manual for yourself to increase your vertical jump height by getting a detailed knohow from this article.

Buy yours today at and achieve your sports-star dream!

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What Makes Jump Manual the Best Vertical Jump Training Guide in the World?

With virtually everything going digital, the sphere of sports training and coaching is not lagging behind. One of the leading valuable basketball and volleyball coaching guidelines is jump manual. This digital resource for NBA athletes and sports persons is just perfect to gather comprehensive information on the game along with tips for increasing vertical leaps, workout sessions and nutrition. Players can access videos and digital coaching manuals. But what makes it so effective is that both novice and experienced players can raise the bar and improve their performance for the big stage?

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Here are a few reasons for its popularity.

Why Jump Manual is the Best Vertical Jump Training Guide:

  • Latest cutting-edge coaching tips and strategies

The tips, guidelines, and tactics to improve vertical jumps are constantly updated and upgraded with jump manual program. This means players can always avail the latest information on the rules and regulations of the game along with tips on dunking the ball efficiently in the basket.

  • Easy guidelines to follow

The best part or aspect of jump manual is that the coaching guidelines are easy to follow. It comprises plyometrics and simple weightlifting exercises which are easy to understand for improving the height of the vertical jumps.

  • Instructional videos provided one step at a time

Training and tips in the entire program are given slowly and stage by stage which helps the players immensely when it comes to learning comprehensively and preventing injuries.

  • Nutritional tips are also provided

Many sport training programs fall short because they have some lacunae in them. They fail to offer in-depth coaching, and therefore jump manual scores an edge because it offers exhaustive guidance and that includes customizable nutrition plans too. Players are given tips on what to eat and what to avoid to maintain their fitness, stamina, flexibility, and balance to give their best performance in tough competitions.

  • Brings quick and guaranteed results

By following this coaching manual, basketball and volleyball players can increase the height of their vertical leaps by 10 inches. According to the jump manual review by the professional players, the results of the program is guaranteed and improvement in performance is assured in 12 weeks.

  • The program is scientific

The program is designed on technical lines to benefit the players. They can be more precise in their jumping approaches and develop confidence.

  • Improves strength and stamina in the body

The leg muscles get stronger, movements become faster, and the body develops more endurance with this coaching manual. It prepares the body completely to jump higher. Experts also say everything positive in their jump manual review and believe that it is one of the best programs in the field of sports.

To sum up, Jump Manual has all the ingredients to exceed the expectations of the players. It is ideal to hone and enrich the skills of both novice and professional athletes.

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Jump Manual- An Ultimate Comprehensive Vertical Jumping Training Program

The popularity of sports manuals, testimonials and videos are increasing among athletes. This is because they are easy to follow and adopt multi-faceted approach towards training to improve performance. In the sphere of basketball, jump manual is one such exhaustive training program that intends to improve the performance of the athletes by increasing the height of their vertical leap by 10 inches or more. It is an invaluable resource for NBA basketball players and Olympic athletes as they can improve their performance by watching the videos and practicing in a similar manner at the court and training grounds.

Awesome Features of Jump Manual

1Jump manual is a set of instructions along with videos intended for the basketball players and athletes participating in competitions. It was created by Jacob Hiller to give tips on muscle movements and increasing strength and stamina in accomplishing their goal towards increasing vertical jump and quickness. It also focuses on other physical aspects. The biggest asset of this program is that it encompasses all the aspects necessary to achieve precision in the sphere of vertical leap.


Some of the awesome features of jump manual are:

  • The program imparts training in such a way that players will never be at risk of picking up injuries. It also improves the resistance power of the body against injuries.
  • It encompasses thorough workout chart and plan for the athletes.
  • Improves both defensive and offensive leaping skills by preparing the leg and thigh muscles perfectly.
  • Increases strength and stamina in the body
  • Provides valuable tips on nutrition to improve physical fitness, body structure, flexibility, balance, and the vertical explosion of the players.
  • Shows the athletes the correct technique to train. In this way, they can reach the peak of their performance. It also emphases how warm-up sessions are necessary to get started.

The Jump Manual has proven its worth all over the world and so it is the perfect method to increase the vertical jump. This blog on the right solution to increase your vertical jump height is a testimony of that. Read to find out.

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