Can You Really Gain 10-Inches Or More Vertical Jumping Height with The Jump Manual?

In the world of sports, the ability to jump a decent vertical height determines your success in a game. If you are one of those who has a natural flair for perfection when it comes to vertical jumps, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones! But what happens when you belong to the group, where despite your 100 percent efforts, the proper techniques and a flawless vertical leap is out of your reach? In scenarios like this, people often opt to follow a training manual which helps them with this problem. There are many jump training guides available in the market, which promises vertical leap growth, both online and offline. Some of them are good, rest, not so much. One of those training programs is Jump Manual. Created by Jacob Hiller, Jump Manual promises a vertical leap increase of 10-inches or more if followed regularly. Now, the question is, does it really help?  To put simply, the answer is yes. It takes us to the more intriguing question, how? Let us explore the detailed reasons.

The Jump Manual claims to be the best online training program to raise your jump height. Read the article to agree or disagree the statement.

Scientific Approach To Every Exercise in The Jump Manual

Jump Manual came to the market in 2008 and has enjoyed the title of being the number 1 jump training program for several consecutive years. It has been pitted against training manuals like Vert Shock and STACK training programs, and it has always emerged victorious as the best help for aspiring athletes. One of the main reasons behind Jump Manual's success is the years of research and scientific approach to every exercise put together. It has no shortcuts to height gain and explains why one should do the exercises in details. Other training programs offer none these things, hence decreasing their credibility in the long run.

The Right Tactic To Exercises

For most, gaining muscles is equal to gaining superior vertical leap height. Half of the training manuals available in the market stresses heavily on gym-dependent exercises. Jump Manual completely debunks the notion. It is common knowledge that vertical leap training requires explosive strength, not muscular ones. Your goal is to become a star basketball player, not a club bouncer. Working out to improve the muscle strength is the right approach, bulking up on muscles is not. Most jump training manual misses the mark completely when it comes to this simple difference. Jump Manual provides the right guidance for strength training.  

Exercises To Maximize Quickness, Speed, and Explosive Strength

The three pillars of vertical jump training are quickness, speed, and explosive strength. By following Jump Manual, you will notice that as the three vitals improve, so does your vertical jump. A regimented routine helps you keep your focus on, and in turn improves your agility. Coupled with speed, it results in explosive strength, the primary need to help improve your jumping height. Some manuals, like Vert Shock, relies on short bursts of explosive strength exercises. It may give temporary positive results, but is harmful to your overall training in the long run. Jump Manuals helps you reach your goal at a relatively slower pace, but the result is consistent.

The Fuel for Your Training Engine, The Right Diet

No training guide offers a meticulously prepared dietary chart other than Jump Manual. Simply exercising won't help, you need to continuously supplement your routine with the right kind of nutrition to absolutely make sure your body doesn’t burn under then strain of it. Jump Manual has a separate section to describe the role of a proper diet in training regime, and goes a step further to carefully construct a dietary chart to help your body get all the right nutrients. Gaining a 10-inches vertical jump growth is not an easy feat, and to achieve it, you need to supply your body with the energy it requires.

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The Last Words

Jacob Hiller, the man who created Jump Manual, has made sure that it is possible to gain 10-inches or more vertical jumping height by following the exercises the program offers. His credibility lies in the fact that he is an ex-basketball player and an accredited physical trainer for many NBA players and Olympic athletes. Jump Manual can help you gain 10+ inches of vertical leap height is a given, and the method is simple too. All you need to do is follow the program in a disciplined way, and you can see an increase in your vertical leap in just 14 days.

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