How to Choose A Good Jump Manual to Help Increase Your Vertical Jump?

Choosing the right Jump Manual for Vertical Jump

Vertical jump is the most crucial part of any handball games such as basketball, volleyball, and to some extent European Soccer. It is also vital for athletes aspiring for Olympics and competitive athletic activities. Flawless vertical jump is a prerogative for people whose height is that of 6-inches or more. For others, it is a process of continuous exercises and a strictly regimented routine to stay at the top of the game. In the current market, there are many online vertical leap training programs which guarantee 10-inch plus height gain, some even go a step further and promise to work the miracle overnight. While the prospect does sound good in theory, the reality often leaves much to be desired. So how are you going to choose a program which fits your criteria and delivers the promised height gain? It is a real possibility that in your quest for searching the perfect program you end up with a manual which does exactly the opposite. Save yourself the grief and follow the tips stated here to select the definitive jumping program suited for you.

Before deciding between the jump programs, you need to know the things required in order to choose the right jumping program to increase vertical jump. This blog post will help you do that!

The Experience Factor Behind the Creation of the Training Program

Vertical jump is all about technicalities and years worth of experience used to perfect those techniques for a flawless vertical leap record. For that, you need to find out who is the mastermind behind the training program. He or she should have experience as a professional player for at least 5 years or more. Also, every professional player is not necessarily a good trainer who has in-depth knowledge of sports training. The creator of the program should be professionally accredited as a physical trainer to give credibility to the program.

Video-based Workouts

Training programs which are related to physical activities, especially sports should always have their workout routines demonstrated in videos. In practice, it is not possible to follow a routine with only written instructions. You need visual assistance for some of the more complex and intense exercise the programs feature. A good vertical jump training guide will have the workouts in clear video format to keep the program interactive for the user. 

Easy To Understand Theories

You are buying a jump training manual, not a Shakespearean novel. Ensure the training guide has its written part described in easy English. Also, the instructions in the video section should also be clean and clear. A muffled voice-over is a complete no-no, and the universal language of English is preferable as the selected language along with multi-language options. This is a very important factor since it determines how popular the training program is for the mass.

Reliability of The Program

A jump training manual should be able to justify any workout or exercise about its features. Piling up a bunch of exercises and calling it a manual is a common practice now. The questions such as why do the exercise, how it is going to help, and the ultimate effect it is going to have is sometimes left out. 8 out of 10, this proves disastrous since it does more harm than good. Buy a vertical leap training guide after researching its integrity. The scientific approach to every workout helps build user trust over the program.

Time The Program Takes To Deliver Visible Results

Some program assures instant growth, while some give a suitable time-frame to the user for visible results. Training programs like Jump Manual, when followed diligently, doles out visible result in a fortnight. Others, like Vert-Shock, promises a vertical leap growth in a few days. Before purchasing any training guide, you need to realize the time-period you are willing to invest in the program, as well as how genuine the program is.

Availability of Personal Training Tips When Required

The complete process of increasing vertical leap height can be quite complex. It is natural for a user to need a personal guide to understand some of the more multifaceted facts and exercises stated in the guide. A proper training manual will have some way to help the user when they need the assistance of a professional. Training programs like the Jump Manual provide the option of a 30-days one-on-one interactive session with the creator Jacob Hiller himself, or with one of the professional team members.

Reviews and Testimonials

The best judge of a good vertical jump manual is the person who has already used it. Although some testimonials on the sales page of the official website can be paid, most reviews and the likes are from genuine people who had already experienced the benefits and loss of the program. Make sure you go through the official testimonials and reviews regarding any program before buying it.


Buying a jump training guide can be confusing, but help is at hand! Follow the tips and stick with the program which can tick off the maximum number of boxes. A good jump training manual for beginners and professionals alike is Jump Manual. Visit to know more about the program.

Find out in this blog post the ways as how to choose the right jump manual that would enhance the vertical leap to a decent height.

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