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The High jump is one of the oldest and technically challenging events for any athletes. Most of the people try to get expert suggestion and review on jump program available to them. So this article will basically review two best jump programs for 2015.

Having a lot of programs available right now at the market, it is pretty hard to sort out most effective one. After analyzing a lot of tests and going through plenty of efficiency test we have finally sorted out two best one for you.

These programs have their own merits and each of them has its own plus points as well as some weaknesses, but these are the best right now and you can’t go wrong with them.

Cannot decide between Vert Shock and the Jump Manual? Clear all your doubts with this article on the comparison between the two best online training modules to get a decent vertical leap height.

So here are our top 2 picks that gave us the best results so far:

1. Vert Shock: Vert Shock is possibly the best jump training program available in the market right now. This jump program was launched by two legends themselves. Pro basket player Adam Folker and legendary Dunker Justin came together under the same umbrella to launch this effective program for you.

Though Vert Shock is comparatively new in the market, but its successes to take a place in the person's perception by showing their innovative and different nature is a service providing a high jump training program.

Vert shock mainly focuses on the advanced plyometric and great body hack techniques which are very different and diversified in its nature.

The system is broken down into 3 different phases. All the information comes in the form of software with guides and videos that users can access online. The program is designed to be an 8-week training course.

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2. Jump Manual: jump manual by Jacob Hiller is our second best choices for different reasons. Jump manual is an exclusive vertical leap training program designed specifically to help you jump higher. It’s a full coaching package for training that will teach you how to systematically increase your vertical explosion and will guide you through the course of action step by step to improving your vertical leap.
Though most programs only focus on one or two factors of vertical jumping, but this one targets all, it’s the only program that takes a multi-facet approach to the process; therefore, it’s much more effective.

When you acquire this jump program you get access to unlimited coaching for 30 days by Jacob Hiller, who is a world distinguished trainer that has worked with an NBA game and qualified Olympian athletes.

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Head to head analysis of best 2 jump program: Vert Shock and Jump Manual

Many people are going through a lot of doubt regarding which jump training program to pick up. If you are under 25 and your body is in good shape with our suggestion will be to pick up Vert Shock. On the other hand, if you are in an of bit old age and had gone through injuries for several times, we will recommend Jump manual.
These 2 programs were both tested and proven to work for us and we can confidently say that these are the best in the game right now.

For further information on how to get a good vertical leap, follow our blog on the ways to get a dynamic vertical jump height today.

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