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Jump Manual Review – Does It Really Work? In Depth Review 2020

Strength, agility, and the ability to jump and dunk without trouble are the three basic components required to be a star basketball or volleyball player. For some, these talents come naturally. Rest have to work hard and follow a strict workout routine to gain these abilities.Jump Manual Review

The best option is to follow the jump manual created by Jacob Hiller, and get the best result.

It is a comprehensive 14-day cycle workout program, created especially for aspiring athletes to gain 10-inch to their jumping height in a time-span of 12 weeks.

It is no magic, but a scientific approach backed by years of research and carefully applied coaching techniques by Jacob Hiller, who is a certified physical trainer by American Council on Exercise, with an experience of 15 years into training professional NBA players and Olympic athletes.In our jump manual review guide we will discuss all the thing about it that you should know before get started.



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Jump Manual Review-How Does It Work?

Jump Manual, simply put, is a training manual which follows a 14-day workout cycle over a time-span of 12 weeks to help aspiring athletes grow their vertical jumping height consistently. I

f followed rigorously and with strict determination, Jump Manual guarantees a 10-inch growth” to their jumping height. It is the result of Jacob Hiller’s dedication towards the basketball game, for which he scientifically approached the growth curve in the vertical jump and created the Jump Manual with positive methods.

There are 9 fundamentals of vertical jumping explained in details in the Jump Manual. Each chapter gives a thorough explanation of the fundamentals.

The 9 Fundamentals of Vertical Jump Training Are;

•  Strength
•  Quickness
•  Form
•  Nutrition
•  Muscle Recruitment
•  Balance
•  Flexibility
•  Body Composition
•  Genetic Factors

Jump Manual ReviewEach variable is as important as the other, and Jacob Hiller ensured that every variable is explained in simple terms for an easy understanding.

Apart from contributing towards muscle building and strength improvement, Jump Manual also focuses on the fuel on which the body runs, i.e., nutrition, a carefully selected chart of foods which will supplement the workout routines explained in details in chapter 8 of the training guide.

Perhaps the most important chapter in the entire training program, chapter 8, is dedicated towards workout routines specifically created focusing on one-on-one training methods. The routines are vigorous, and to see a proper result, one has to follow it with determination and strict discipline. Otherwise, the expected result will not be achieved.

Besides sharing secret strategies to help gain vertical jumping height in the Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller also shared ‘quick-fixes’ to help athletes add 4-inch in their jumping height in a span of 14 days.

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Who is Jacob Hiller?

Jacob HillerJacob Hiller is a celebrated former basketball player and coach to many NBA professionals and Olympic athletes. He is dedicated towards the game and strived to make vertical jumping height attainable for those not born with the talent.

He created Jump Manual after years of research, and scientific approach to the game.

Jacob is among the few coaches in the world that specialize in vertical leap training and has actually helped lots of professional athletes improve their vertical jump through his targeted training program.

He is a successful professional in the industry and has won many accolades from different sport fitness bodies and competition. He is highly decorated with achievements.

With more than thirteen years of experience under his belt, Jacob has mastered his technique and strategies to excellence and put it into his manual, providing you insights into what works and exactly what does not when it pertains to increasing your vertical leap.



Pros of Jump Manual

► Professional Outlook The program is created for young basketball players and Olympic athletes. Jacob Hiller is a former basketball player himself, so he knows the process and the scientific approach behind vertical jumping. He shared his knowledge in a professional manner for a minimum price.

Step-By-Step Routine – Jump Manual does not guarantee overnight height growth. It, however, does ensure that if a person follows the routine thoroughly, he or she will definitely see the desired result.

► Professional Help From The Team Behind The Program – The reason why Jump Manual is the number 1 jump training program is that it allows the user to seek help from the team behind the program if they hit a snag. Jacob Hiller provides the user with a 30-days one-on-one consultation where the user can talk to him directly and get help regarding the program.

► Membership to the Elite Jumper’s Forum – Buying Jump Manual gives the user a unique opportunity to converse with other Jumpers in the Elite Jumper’s Forum. They can exchange ideas, tips, and techniques about basketball and other sports and overall get a good knowledge about Jump Manual.


Cons of Jump Manual

► Availability – Jump Manual is only available online, and can’t be downloaded in any form, i.e., Epub, PDF, etc. The 50 pages of amazing jump training guide have to be accessed online, and every time a user wants to view the chapters or give a look over on the workout routine, he or she has to go to the membership page. This is quite inconvenient for the user when accessing the training guide multiple times.

► No Overnight Solutions – Jump Manual is created for consistency and the structure of the program has to be followed for three months to get viable results. There is no shortcut in the training guide. Though Jacob Hiller does share ‘quick fixes’ for a quicker result, even that takes approximately two weeks to work. It reduces the USP of Jump Manual and gives its competitor, like Vert Shock, an edge with users who are looking for instant solutions.

Over the years, Jump Manual has proven to be the best vertical jump training guide in the market. The claim is backed by its reliability, and the guarantee that if the routine is followed diligently, the user’s jumping height will increase substantially in 3 months.

And if the user is not satisfied with the program, there is ‘ NO’ need to worry. Jump Manual offers a complete 60-day money-back guarantee!

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“A Word of Advice

Some of the workouts mentioned in the Jump Manual are pretty intense. It is the perfect program for athletes who are already engaged with some sort of sports, especially basketball. But, those with heart conditions should think carefully before buying the manual.”

Curious to know more about the best vertical jump training program till date. Read our blog on the ultimate comprehensive vertical jump training program, the Jump Manual


A long-term training program focused on workouts and nutrition especially helpful for basketball players, The Jump Manual has been touted as the best training guide for valid reasons.

If you want to add impressive inches to your vertical jumping height and increase your chance at being a professional athlete, buy The Jump Manual Today!

Visit us at www.jumpmanual.com and make your athletic dream come true!

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