Training Hard but Still Not Getting the Vertical Leap You Desire? Get the Right Solution

It is every athlete’s dream to perfect their game to become a star player in their chosen field. If your chosen sport is the game of basketball, your priority is to be able to jump and dunk the ball swiftly and smoothly. To achieve that angle, it is important that your vertical leap is up to the point. Unfortunately, as easy as it sounds, many aspiring players flounder when it comes to vertical leap. Following a hardcore exercise routine is not always the solution. The reason is simple. It is not always about working hard, sometimes it is about working smart. For all you know, the exercise routine you are following is making your muscles bulkier, since it aims to increase muscle mass. What you need is the right approach to increase vertical leap, which is a balance between exercise and diet. The perfect solution to your exercise dilemma is Jump Manual, the ultimate vertical leap training guide created by Jacob Hiller.

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The What and why of Jump Manual

As stated previously, Jump Manual is a training program created by Jacob Hiller to help aspiring athletes gain their desired vertical leap. It is a 12 chapter online program which details out exercises, diet charts, and professional and fellow-user help when required. The reason Jump Manual is the most used training program around the world is that it is backed by scientific research and years of on-field training put together behind every workout routine. Jacob Hiller himself is a professional ex-basketball player and ACE accredited physical trainer who has numerous famous athletes and Olympic stars under his training belt. His name gives the credibility to the program which others lack.

Jump Manual, The Program Explained in Brief

In this program, Jacob Hiller talks about the right approach to increase vertical leap. As opposed to the general idea of increasing strength when it comes to exercises, he stresses the importance of strength exercise coupled with quick reflexes, which results in dynamic speed and agility. He also states that only exercises are half the work done when one wants to gain an exponential vertical leap. It is equally vital to follow a balanced diet chart to provide the body the fuel it needs to sustain the changes. All the categories are divided into sections for easy understanding. Jump Manual takes a multi-faceted approach to a thorough development. It focuses on the 9 components of vertical leap equally. The 9 variables explained in Jump Manual are,

  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Muscle Recruitment
  • Form
  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Body Composition
  • Hereditary Factors

Jump Manual, Bonus Features

Jump Manual comes with a host of bonus features, which gives it an edge over other jump training manuals.

  • It has a special section with an interview with famous NBA shooting coach, David Hopla. In the interview, Hopla explains the system and techniques he uses while training NBA players.
  • The second bonus feature of Jump Manual is that it showcases an interview with peak performance psychologists, Dr. Patrick Cohn. Dr. Cohn is well-aware of the obstacles that athletes face on a daily basis while exercising, and he helps them out by revealing his system so that athletes can get in the ‘zone’. The interview also advises coaches and parents regarding how they can best help their charge develop into a fine athlete.
  • The program allows the user a 60-day time period where they can interact directly with Jacob Hiller or his team for expert guidance. They can also communicate with fellow users for a profound approach to the program.


Jump Manual is a complete guide and training program which solves your issue with exercises that are still not being able to get you the desired vertical leap. Buy your copy today and get the vertical leap of your dreams!

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