Few Easy to Moderate Exercises to Help Increase Your Vertical Jumping Height

Often, the vertical jumping height of a person can be a hindrance in his path of professional athletic aspirations. It is not uncommon to get rejected from basketball teams due to height shortage, which ultimately results in low dunk rates. In the modern world, this is not a reason for worry though. There are so many jump training guides available in the current market, that attaining a 10-inch plus vertical leap height is not a distant dream anymore. The only requirement is a strictly followed routine and dedication towards the goal. However, if buying a jump training guide is not on your agenda then there is an alternative way.

Follow these 3 best squat exercises from our article and get the perfect Vertical Jump Height today.

Try some of these basic to moderate workouts and see the increase in your vertical leap gradually.

Start With Stretches

The first step in attaining a competitive jumping height is to know the warm-up exercises. Stretching is the most basic exercise you must do before any workout session. It helps loosen the muscle and relax your body trying to get it ready for an intense workout routine. It especially helps those who are aiming for heavy lifting and building muscles. Without proper stretches, the muscles become stiff and ultimately cause severe pain and cramp to the users. Doing stretches are simple. It Is a simple act performed by putting one leg back, and then extend the arm on the side of the leg that is back straight up in the air. Slowly turn away from the arm as far as you can go and then hold for 15-20 seconds. Perform three sets for each leg and you are at a good starting point.


A simple and easy to do exercise, It is a great booster for increasing vertical leap height. You can do this anytime. Stand on some raised platform where your heels don't touch the ground. Rise up to the most height your toes allow you and then come back down. Repeat the sets. Calf raises is a good exercise for jump training. Add weights to the regime once the calf-muscles become stronger.

Jumping Jacks

Also known by the name of side-saddle hop in the U.S military, Jumping Jacks are great to improve your core muscle strength and is also fun to do. To perform this exercise you need to simply jump with your legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead, sometimes replicating claps. The returning position with the feet together and the hands by the side completes the motion range. Repeat the sets 5 times for a proper result.

Use The Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is perhaps one of the most underrated ways of improving vertical jumps. It helps build endurance and is quite easy to do, However, one should remember that rope skipping builds endurance, and to perfect vertical jumping height, one needs to focus more on explosiveness, not endurance. Too much of endurance training results in the muscles getting pliant and stop the growth rate at 3 to 4-inches maximum.


If you want to build the muscle in your legs, squat exercise is a must. Over time with the help of squats, one can greatly improve their vertical jumps. It also helps with one’s balance and control. Do the squats by bending the knees, while keeping the back straight, until the thigh is nearly parallel to the ground. How far you want to bend down depends on you, and consult with a professional trainer once before doing it.

Box Jumps

A moderate exercise to improve vertical jumping height, Box jumps are done simply by jumping on and off a box repeatedly. People often jump from side to side or front to back. The height of the box can also be increased as your strength increases. This exercise is another good way to work on your explosion. Remember to do every rep with a strong intent.

Core Workouts

Another good and perhaps different way to improve your vertical is by improving your core. A good way to do this is by doing crunches or planks. Leg lifts also improve core strength, but they are rumored to cause back pain if done incorrectly. These are fairly simple exercises that will help build a strong core, which is crucial to having a good vertical jumping height.

Final Words

These are the few basic to moderate exercises you can follow to improve your vertical leap height. For an advanced and thorough training, you can always opt for one of the jump training guides available online. Jump Manual is a great program which aims to help users improve their vertical by 10-inches or more. It is created by Jacob Hiller and gives visible result if followed by a strict force of will and determination. It is a surefire way to help achieve your dream of becoming a professional player or a star athlete.

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