The Jump Manual Program – Will Your Vertical leap Increase?

will the jump height increase

An athlete requires proper guidance, discipline, and thorough scientific technique to refine the skill set in their respective sports. The Jump Manual complied and created by basketball coach Jacob Hiller offers just that and trains the player to achieve maximum height while making a vertical leap. For the last one decade, the Jump Manual has been one of the most widely used basketball coaching programs in the market. The program helps the players add maximum height to their vertical leap following well researched and proven scientific approach.

As a result of being in the market for almost ten years, the program has built a strong online presence and has been praised widely by the players who enrolled in the program.  The consumers of this program are mainly amateur and professional basketball players who are looking to increase the height of their vertical leap. The general opinion states that one can get positive results if they follow the Jump Manual approach to the core.

Add inches to your vertical leap with The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual introduced in 2007 focusses mainly on basketball vertical leap training. The much popular training program has been created, developed, and complied by Jacob Hiller and trains a player to increase the height of their vertical leap, while trying to make a dunk. The approach Jump Manual uses, has been previously been used by Hiller to train a number of athletes and basketball players.

If the player enrolls in the Jump Manual program follows the training approach thoroughly, he/she will be able to add at least three to four inches to their vertical leap. Moreover, this progress can be made within a span of a week to ten days.  According to Hiller, if the player finishes the program completely without deviating in between, he/she will be able to increase the reach of their vertical leap steadily. It is even possible to gain as much as 42 inches for the vertical leap, if one follows the training to the core.

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The Jump Manual: does it deliver results?

The Jump Manual as a whole trains a player to make a higher vertical leap and look into the strength and durability of one’s body. The professional training manual can be considered an “all in one” set, as it not only tells the player how to add height to their vertical leap but also helps them achieve the desired body control and swiftness, while playing.

The Jump Manual training program comes in the form of a software which one can run on their computer or laptop to learn about the various methods and technique of the game. Apart from focusing on the improvement of the vertical leap, the professional training program also assists the player reap optimum results from their workout routine. The program also contains a comprehensive workout chart, which assists the players monitor their exercise routine and achieve positive results.

To ensure that the players exercise in a proper pattern, following the correct methodology, Hiller has also included a number of workout videos in the training program, for reference.  The training videos work as a visual reference which provides a thorough demo as to how each and every exercise and stretch should be carried out.

Jump Manual goes an extra mile as it also provides its patrons with a workout specific nutrition plan.  The diet plan includes meticulous directives on the kind of food one has to consume to improve their body strength, natural resistance to injuries, and reach the natural muscle development mode. Apart from the training sessions of the Jump Manual, the program also allows the players to participate in one-on-one personal training via emails.

The players can solve their queries and doubts, which arise during the training sessions over emails, personally. The general consensus assures that the consumers will receive detailed answers to their queries which will help them to improve their training. The personalized engagement also helps the players work on their confidence and enhance their overall vertical leap.

Jacob Hiller creates a sound scientific technique to help players improve their vertical leap

This outstanding vertical leap program was developed by renowned basketball coach Jacob Hiller. The popular coach has previously worked with NBA athletes as well as Olympic sportspersons. Hiller, who specializes in the field of vertical leap, had conducted thorough research before penning down a proven scientific approach to improve the skill set. The coach comes with 15 years of experience and has been certified as a personal trainer by the American Council of Exercise.

Apart from his many accreditations, Hiller’s methods are credible and authentic, devoid of false promises and expectations.  Thus, one can be assured that they won’t be falling into any trap when they enroll in the Jump Manual program.  So, if you are serious about improving your vertical leap, buy the Jump Manual immediately, without much delay.

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