Learn Basic Steps on How to Increase Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump
Increase Vertical Jump

Are you keeping on dreaming about how to increase vertical jump?

Don’t worry just go through this successful article you will find great difference in you or your player.

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A valuable asset for a player is good vertical jump. A good vertical jump always help the player and team to get more block, steals and rebounds. It will also make mostly players on your team put in the basketball, which can result in increasing your teams enthusiasm, stamina, confidence level and it will make your game lot more entertainment, mostly lead to winning side.

A vertical jump can be increased with a proper training, do not worry it is absolutely something which can be improved with consistent training. Before we go for tips, we should know the measurement of our current vertical jump.


How to Measure Your Vertical Jump?

Requirements to measure your vertical jump: A friend to help, a permanent marker or a chalk and a ladder.

  • Stand near a tall pole and raise your hand. Ask your friend to mark the point and this is your standing reach.
  • Now stand near the pole, start jump and touch the pole or wall as high. Make your friend to watch without any confusion. Ask your friend to climb ladder and mark the highest point reached by you.


Important things to follow for increasing vertical jump:


Vertical Jump
Basic Exercises

Warming Up
It is important to warm-up your body before performing any exhausting physical activity or stretching. I personally recommend jumping rope for 10-15 minutes which will increase the blood circulation to your body and muscles.
Make your program to have broken up with different phases about 4 – 5 weeks each. By keep on practicing the programs your body will get adapt into intensity of the exercise from there you have to increase your workloads to increase your vertical jumps.
Perform the program every 2nd day to give your muscles a day’s rest in-between exercises. Which means that on week one you’ll be performing work outs 4 times a week, week two you’ll be performing 3 times per week, and on week three you’ll be doing 4 times per week. This will ends ups with 11 workouts per phase for a total of 33 workouts in the program. Also, during this program you will be taking 1 week off between each phase to make your muscles completely get better. You need to give your body time to fully repair in order to grow stronger and extra fiery.
Rest Intervals
You should definitely maintain 1 minute rest in between all sets. Try to use stop watch gadgets which will help you more. Nowadays lot of apps available in mobile market, which you can do instant download and use it for free.
Record Your Progress
Keep record your progress on a daily basis and see the progress at the end of each week. It’s tough for player to be patience until end of week since all expect instant results. But as a player you should know you need a hard work to see progress in your record. No Pain No Gain.
These are the basic steps to be taken to increase your vertical jump. Hope you learnt about how to increase vertical jump and you can check out other articles about vertical jumps.

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