Basketball Training Aids to Increase Your Vertical Jump

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If constant practice and large commitment aren't enough to improve your game and vertical jump, then you may as well consider buying some reliable basketball training aids.

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Extra-large basketball – is typically 3 inches larger in diameter than your regular basketball. This is created to improve your accuracy in shooting. Continue reading “Basketball Training Aids to Increase Your Vertical Jump”

9 Exercises to Increase a Professional Athlete’s Vertical Jump

Whether it's a basketball slam-dunk, volleyball spike, soccer header or tennis jump serve, a vertical leap is a vital ability for lots of athletes.

Researches have invented the scientific approach for players to jump higher. Want to know about that Scientific Approach? Read here!

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9 exercise to increase your vertical jump


An enhanced vertical leap will help young professional athletes raise for jump shots over opponents. Excellent jumping capability will also assist them get their hands above the volley ball net for obstructing shots. Heading a soccer ball is less hazardous when one child can get greater than another. And a jump serve assists create more racket acceleration for a more powerful tennis serve. Continue reading “9 Exercises to Increase a Professional Athlete’s Vertical Jump”

How To Increase Vertical Jump By At Least 12-Inches


increase vertical jump
increase vertical jump
increase vertical jump[/caption]


With the best training methods you can enhance vertical jump performance considerably.

While it might hold true that genetics plays a significant function in an individual's ability for peak power, the reality is that

Very few of your rivals or group mates will train specifically to enhance vertical jump power.

So with a little commitment it is possible to out jump the majority of your peers!

Is there a single finest method to increase your vertical jump capability?

This post will give you 3 kinds of strength training programs to enhance vertical jump performance. Continue reading “How To Increase Vertical Jump By At Least 12-Inches”

Secret to Increase Vertical Jump in 12 Weeks


A good vertical jump is a valuable asset for all your players to have. It will assist your group get more rebounds, obstructs, and takes. It will likewise let a couple of (or lots of) players on your group dunk the basketball, which can cause increasing your groups confidence, interest, and can it make the video game a lot more enjoyable!

If you are wondering if it is possible to enhance your vertical jump, you'll enjoy to understand that with appropriate training, it is definitely something that can be enhanced.

I've established this program over a number of years and have actually seen excellent enhancements in the jumping capability of those who have followed it. I call it the Coach Jacob Hiller Vertical Jump Program. Not a really innovative name, is it?

I developed this program to be entirely equipment totally free and also without the need for a big area. This program can be completed by anyone as long as you have a 2 x 2 meters of free space. Which we all do. So there can be no excuses for not completing the program.

Disclaimer: Clearly, I am not a doctor. If you or your players feel any discomfort in any of your joints during the program stop immediately and get in touch with a medical professional. You don't wish to make any previous injuries any worse. Continue reading “Secret to Increase Vertical Jump in 12 Weeks”