Jump Manual- An Ultimate Comprehensive Vertical Jumping Training Program

The popularity of sports manuals, testimonials and videos are increasing among athletes. This is because they are easy to follow and adopt multi-faceted approach towards training to improve performance. In the sphere of basketball, jump manual is one such exhaustive training program that intends to improve the performance of the athletes by increasing the height of their vertical leap by 10 inches or more. It is an invaluable resource for NBA basketball players and Olympic athletes as they can improve their performance by watching the videos and practicing in a similar manner at the court and training grounds.

Awesome Features of Jump Manual

1Jump manual is a set of instructions along with videos intended for the basketball players and athletes participating in competitions. It was created by Jacob Hiller to give tips on muscle movements and increasing strength and stamina in accomplishing their goal towards increasing vertical jump and quickness. It also focuses on other physical aspects. The biggest asset of this program is that it encompasses all the aspects necessary to achieve precision in the sphere of vertical leap.


Some of the awesome features of jump manual are:

  • The program imparts training in such a way that players will never be at risk of picking up injuries. It also improves the resistance power of the body against injuries.
  • It encompasses thorough workout chart and plan for the athletes.
  • Improves both defensive and offensive leaping skills by preparing the leg and thigh muscles perfectly.
  • Increases strength and stamina in the body
  • Provides valuable tips on nutrition to improve physical fitness, body structure, flexibility, balance, and the vertical explosion of the players.
  • Shows the athletes the correct technique to train. In this way, they can reach the peak of their performance. It also emphases how warm-up sessions are necessary to get started.

The Jump Manual has proven its worth all over the world and so it is the perfect method to increase the vertical jump. This blog on the right solution to increase your vertical jump height is a testimony of that. Read to find out.

Advantages of Jump Manual Training Package2

According to jump manual review by the experts, the program has many advantages. Here are some of them.

  • Brings quick results

By following the manual, athletes and sports persons can see improvement in their performance in just 12 weeks. The height of a leap can be increased by 10 inches or more.

  • Offers step by step training
    Coaching instructions are provided step by step which makes it easy for the players to master it. Jacob Hiller provides all the tips and instructions.
  • Improves body balance, structure, strength, and speed
    The program is comprehensive and improves stance, composition, stamina, fitness, and swiftness of the body. It does work and gives the desired result. Still in doubt? Our article on why it is the No.1 in the world will certainly clear all doubts.

To conclude, jump manual is excellent for ambitious basketball players and athletes who want to improve their performance in the big stages and important competitions. It is the best way for them to be an achiever.

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