Secret to Increase Vertical Jump in 12 Weeks


A good vertical jump is a valuable asset for all your players to have. It will assist your group get more rebounds, obstructs, and takes. It will likewise let a couple of (or lots of) players on your group dunk the basketball, which can cause increasing your groups confidence, interest, and can it make the video game a lot more enjoyable!

If you are wondering if it is possible to enhance your vertical jump, you'll enjoy to understand that with appropriate training, it is definitely something that can be enhanced.

I've established this program over a number of years and have actually seen excellent enhancements in the jumping capability of those who have followed it. I call it the Coach Jacob Hiller Vertical Jump Program. Not a really innovative name, is it?

I developed this program to be entirely equipment totally free and also without the need for a big area. This program can be completed by anyone as long as you have a 2 x 2 meters of free space. Which we all do. So there can be no excuses for not completing the program.

Disclaimer: Clearly, I am not a doctor. If you or your players feel any discomfort in any of your joints during the program stop immediately and get in touch with a medical professional. You don't wish to make any previous injuries any worse.

Update on Increase Vertical Jump 2015!

Finest Vertical Jump Program worldwide.
I have actually discovered exactly what I believe to be the current finest vertical jump program in the world, and it's

Vertical Jump Shock by Jacob Hiller

While there are a load of success stories of basketball players using my program and making huge gains (check the remarks if you do not believe me), I'm likewise reasonable about the degree of my knowledge on vertical jump training.

Hiller is the worlds highest danker and has actually trained professional athletes to include 9– 15 inches to their vertical jump in just a number of weeks!
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Increase Your Vertical Jump By Jacob Hiller

Basketball Jump
Basketball Jump

If you're not thinking about it that's great! You'll still make a ton of gains utilizing my workout. And I 'd love you to utilize it! I made a guarantee to myself that I 'd share the very best information and items I find out about and I'm keeping that promise.

The best ways to Determine Your Vertical Jump.
As the stating goes, 'You can't improve exactly what you can't measure'.

The first step on your trip to increasing your vertical jump is to get a starting point of where you're currently at so that you can track your progress.
Here's the best ways to do it;.

Things you'll require: Another pal to assist you, a ladder, and either an irreversible marker or chalk.

  • Find a wall or pole tall enough that when you jump you can not touch the top.
  • Stand beside the pole or wall and extend your arm as high as you can above your head. This is your standing reach. Have your buddy mark your standing reach with either a piece of chalk or a long-term marker.
  • Now from a standing start, jump and touch as high up the wall or pole as you possibly can. You'll need your friend to see and see where you touch so that there's no confusion. Get your buddy to rise and mark where you were able to reach on the wall.
  • Procedure the range between your standing reach and your jumping reach. This is your present vertical jump.

Vital Info on the Coach Mac Vertical Jump Program.

Warming Up Stage.

By reading my previous short article on stretching, you'll discover that it is necessary to warm-up your muscles first prior to stretching or performing any laborious physical activity. I recommend jumping rope for a number of minutes to warm-up and enhance the blood flow to your muscles.

Action Stages.

The program is broken up into 3 different stages including four weeks each. This is due to the fact that as you continue through the program your muscles will adjust to the strength of the workout, for that reason we have to keep increasing the workload in order to continue enhancing your vertical jump.


Carry out the routine every second day to give your body a days rest in-between workouts. This suggests that on week one you'll be training 4 times a week, week 2 you'll be training 3 times per week, and on week three you'll be training 4 times weekly. That ends up being 11 workouts per stage for a total of 33 exercises in the program. Likewise, throughout this program you will be taking one week off between each stage to let your body entirely recuperate. You have to provide your muscles time to fully fix in order to grow more powerful and more explosive.

Time to Rest

One minute rest between all sets. If you can, aim to keep a stop watch with you when you're doing these workouts. If you do not have one my players have actually discovered it convenient to make use of the stop enjoys situated on their cellphones.

Record Your Development.

Keep an eye on how much progress you've made at the end of each rest week. It's going to be tough for your gamers, but tension that if they truly wish to see results it's finest that they wait until the end of the rest week. We understand how tough it is for players to be patient!


If you have any trouble understanding my descriptions of the workouts, YouTube them to see a video of the workout being performed.

Jumping Rope— An avoiding rope is the only tool included in the program. If you don't have one a piece of rope will certainly do simply fine. If you do not have a piece of rope either jumping up and down on the area without much flexing in the knees will achieve a similar result. Jumping rope involves holding a rope with both hands and swinging it around your body continually.

4-Corners-– Includes you picturing 4 dots in a square shape about 15– 20 inches apart. To complete 4-corners you hop around the square in a clockwise direction landing on each dot for the required variety of repeatings. 4 jumps and completing the square equates to one repeating.

Single-Leg 4-Corners— Precisely the like 4-Corners other than performed on one leg.

Slow-Motion Squats-– Includes standing with your feet shoulder width apart. From this position slowly lower down up until you remain in a deep squat ensuring your heels are flat on the ground. Hold for 2 seconds before slowly increasing back to the starting position. The descent and rise should each take 4 seconds to complete. Throughout the entire workout see to it to keep your direct and your back directly.
Tuck Jumps– Tuck jumps involve coming down into a comfy squat then jumping as high as possible and bringing your knees to your chest.

High-Reach Jumps— Are comparable to tuck jumps, however instead of brimming your knees to your chest, you simply reach as high as you can. This is done best under a basketball ring or near a wall so that you can tell just how much lower your reach ends up being as you fatigue. Aim to reach the exact same height through repeated jumps. if you do not have anything to determine versus, that's fine. Simply jump as high as you can each repeating.

Lateral Jumps-– Lateral jumps are performed best with over a line or a stick. They involve standing parallel to the line on one side and then rapidly jumping sideways back-and-forth over the line. Over and back equates to one repetition.

Single-Leg Lateral Jumps— Exactly the like lateral jumps except carried out on one leg.
Alternating Lunge Jumps– From a regular standing position, take one step forward with your right foot and one step in reverse with your left foot. This is your starting position. From this position, jump as high as you can in the air and switch leg positions.

Straight Leg Calf Jumps-– Without bending your knees, jump up and down in the same area. You will not get extremely high off the ground and it will certainly be the ankle doing all the movement which will certainly work the calf muscle.

Toe Raises– Stand regularly, then raise up onto the tips of your toes. Lower back down. Don't rock up and down, do it slowly (not too slowly) however steadily. This is enhanced by utilizing stairs if you have access to them. Alright, adequate talk. Right here's the program you have actually all been waiting for.

Jacob Hiller Vertical Jump Program:

Stage 1– Weeks 1– 3.

1. Jumping Rope
2. Stretching.
3. Jumping Rope
4. Slow Movement Squats
5. Lateral Jumps
6. Rotating Jump Lunges
7. Tuck Jumps
8. Toe Raises

Week 4– Rest.

Stage 2– Weeks 5– 7.

1. Jumping Rope
2. Stretching.
3. Jumping Rope
4. Slow Movement Squats
5. 4-Corners
6. Single-Leg Lateral Jumps
7. Rotating Jump Lunges
8. High Reach Jumps
9. Straight-Leg Calf Jumps

Week 8– Rest.

Stage 3– Weeks 9– 11.

1. Jumping Rope
2. Stretching.
3. Jumping Rope

4. Slow Motions Squats
5. Single-Leg 4-Corners
6. Single-Leg Lateral Jumps
7. Rotating Jump Lunges
8. Tuck Jumps
9. Straight-Leg Calf Jumps

Week 12– Rest.

Get a detailed outline of the various exercises that would improve your vertical leap in this blog post.



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