Basketball Training Aids to Increase Your Vertical Jump

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If constant practice and large commitment aren't enough to improve your game and vertical jump, then you may as well consider buying some reliable basketball training aids.

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Extra-large basketball – is typically 3 inches larger in diameter than your regular basketball. This is created to improve your accuracy in shooting.

Board-less hoop – is created to improve your shooting precision by making shoots without depending on the board.

Rebounding device – assists you to practice your shooting without rebounding the ball after every shot.

Shooting straps – is connected to your shooting hand to aid you in preserving the ideal type while conjecturing, make the ideal follow through, and enhance your one-handed release.


Dribbling aid – is designed to assist you use your fingertips in dribbling (and not your palm). It likewise helps enhancing your passing and shooting abilities.

Basketball goggles – are created to keep your direct while dribbling your ball. The goggles obstruct your lower vision so that you practice on not looking at the ball.


Speed parachute – makes use of the concept of a parachute that provides resistance during sprint. This is used when you are running which helps you enhance your speed as you are being kept back by the parachute. Speed parachutes are likewise used by sprinters and football gamer.

Agility ladders – helps you establish eye-foot coordination, foot quickness, and flexibility. You can use your routine ladder to attain the same result.

Vertical jump

Jump boxes – assist you improve your jumping capability and general strength. These boxes vary in height which you can use to enhance your leg muscles.

Weight belt – increases your stamina, at the same time, improves your vertical jump – practical throughout rebounding and taking perimeter shots. Likewise available are weights endured the ankles.

Jump soles – are training aids that are connected to your very own shoes throughout practice and training which assists you improve your leg strength and jumping ability.


Jump ropes – are one of the most fundamental and probably the most affordable basketball training aids you can have. And they work too. Jump ropes improve your heart. Jump ropes also enhance your calf and leg muscles. For much better workout results, attempt weighted jump ropes.

Take note that these are only aids to improve your video game. They aren't created to instantly make you a much better gamer. Use them correctly combined with your commitment, effort, and love for the game to obtain the very best results.

Just exercises won’t help, a proper diet chart also need to be considered. Read this article on the nutrition required for increasing the vertical jump height.


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